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Paypal only
I only ship within the USA right now unless you are interested in custom plush.
Feedback is here:
It can be up to a week before I ship your item to save making several trips. Let me know if you need it shipped immediately.

I received sales permission August 2013 by entirelycliched
Prices listed include paypal and shipping fees. It does not include tracking or insurance unless otherwise stated. If you want it, please say so. The item is no longer my responsibility once shipped. Buying more than one item may decrease your overall total, so if you are buying a lot, ask for a quote!

Each sculpture is $25 shipped. Custom sculpt and paint with a sealed matte finish.
Sold: skitty, shinx, squirtle

loved Torchic plush, tush tag only, $9 shipped. Zorua plush ball chain keychain, tush ttag only/excellent condition, $7 shipped.

Munchlax 2005 velboa pokedoll. Other than the torn hang tag, this plush is in like new condition. $22 shipped.
Tympole minky pokedoll, MWT, $18 shipped.
Torchic velboa 2005 pokedoll. Creased hang tag, otherwise like new condition. $24 shipped.

Pancham plush, MWT. $23 shipped.

Toy Factory Piplup MWT approx 10"- $12 shipped
Flareon plush ball keychain, excellent condition tush tag only- $12 shipped

Custom Fleece Fakemon eeveelution, ghost type "Phanteon". Slightly taller than the I love Eevee DX plush. $50 shipped

Go here to see My Little Pony Custom Plush:
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